Air France Unions Calls For Another Strike On March 23, 2018


Number of Air France unions last stroke on February 22, 2018, that lead to cancellation roughly half of the long-haul flights plus smaller percentage of short and medium haul ones.

Air France

Unions have called new strike for March 23, 2018. Employees are still demanding 6% pay raise after six years of stagnant wages. The airline has offered them just 1%.

You can access Air France here.


If you are scheduled to fly on March 23 or day before/after on Air France, I would soon start paying attention. The airline is likely going to issue rebooking guidelines allowing passengers to fly few days early or later in order to have as few passengers to fly on the strike day as possible.

There is obviously a chance that Air France reaches an agreement with its unions over the pay and the strike is called off.

Remember that Air France is required by the EC 261/2004 legislation to provide duty to care for stranded passengers (accommodation, meals and calls) and rebook them to final destination at their (passengers) earliest convenience.