Reader Question: Are Hilton Day Rates Qualifying?


A LoyaltyLobby reader left a comment to the piece I wrote last week (read more here) about booking a day use rate at Hilton affiliated property in New Delhi whether these rates are eligible for stay/night credits and points.

Hilton Day Use Rates Case DoubleTree Gargaon

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You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Here’s what posted to my Hilton Honors account for the Day Use Rate:

Hilton Honors Day Rate Posting

So they definitely are qualifying and eligible for all elite benefits too.


I hope that we can put the question whether these are qualifying for points and stay/nights credits to rest now. This was actually my first time using such a rate plan during my long transit in New Delhi last week when I didn’t feel like hanging in the airport lounge for 10 hours……

These day rates could be perfect for “mattress runs” if someone needs few stays cheaply as long as the rates are available and reasonable. Just check in and pay the folio (and leave).