My Concorde Room Card Qualification Disaster!


Seems that I should have counted my British Airways Tier Points more carefully this year, made sure that all the flights are credited (and done retro credits within 6 months) and to the right program.


Because I didn’t do all three, I ended up being 145 TPs short of 5,000 on March 9, 2018, when my Executive Club membership year reset.

Here’s what went wrong:


1. One Finnair flight was credited to AA that was supposed to go to BA (140 TPs).

2. RJ coded QR DOH-AMM flight in C never posted and didn’t do retro claim within allotted time. The BP had my BA FF correctly recorded (40 TPs).

3. Thought that KUL-MNL MH C segments were 140 TPs but these are not long enough (only 40 TPs each).

Why this really isn’t that much of a “disaster”?

1. Most of my BA short-haul flights appears to leave from T3 and I tend to find myself from the Cathay lounge.

2. If I am ticketed in F, I can use the CCR anyway.


Not sure how I can handle the “First Class” lounge (aka the Emerald closet) in Terminal 5 with all the “Honolulu” Golds? I guess that I will find out few times over the next year.

I qualified for the Gold Guest List (GGL) couple of years back (a the 5,000 TP level) and the subsequent requalification criteria (for now) is 3,000 that is not difficult with the flying that I do.