Swissotel Circle Transition Promotion: 1000 Le Club Accor Rewards Points For Two Qualifying Swissotel Stays

Members of Swissotel Circle received a promotional email today offering them 1000 Le Club Accor points for two qualifying Swissotel stays until 1 July 2018.

This offer is retroactive to 1 January 2018, so any eligible stay the member already had this year will will count towards this one time bonus and Swissotel Circle will disappear into Le Club on 2 July, 2018.

When Accor bought Swissotel and Fairmont it was clear that neither of their loyalty programs would survive and usually there are certain incentives as well promotions to make the transition a bit easier for the members.

Swissotel has a promotional website in regards to this offer (access here).


Swissôtel Circle is delighted to celebrate spring with an exclusive offer designed just for you. As a gesture of our gratitude for your loyalty through the programme transition, you will be awarded a bonus of 1000 Le Club AccorHotels Rewards Points in July 2018 – all you need are two qualifying stays at any Swissôtel between 1 January 2018 and 1 July 2018.

These bonus points will put you in a strong position as a new Le Club AccorHotels member. Remember, as soon as you have 2000 Rewards Points in your account, you may exchange these for €40 off your next stay. Our Rewards Points Calculator will demonstrate how easy it will be for you to earn substantial points at Swissôtel or any of the luxury brands worldwide from 2 July 2018 onward.

Swissotel had a decent program over the years and I enjoyed having Eleva status over the years that came with decent upgrades and club access, especially in Singapore where I stayed at the two Swissotel properties quite often.

There is a very detailed transition schedule that especially concerns status members (see here).

Swissôtel Circle will be ‘business as usual’ until 1 July 2018. On 2 July 2018, you will receive membership status in Le Club AccorHotels matched to the highest Swissôtel Circle membership status you achieve as of 1 July 2018.

Your earning activity from 1 January to 1 July 2018 will continue to count toward achieving potential status upgrades at the time of the programme integration.

If you are concurrently a Le Club AccorHotels member, room night credits earned from 1 January to 1 July 2018 will also contribute to your new status upon the integration of the two programmes.

If one currently holds status with Swissotel and maybe also with Accor they are eligible for comparable or accelerated status on July 2nd:

Members that still have special award certificates in their account, those will be converted into Accor points. Outstanding Premier and Zenit Awards will be converted to Le Club AccorHotels Rewards Points in July 2018. Zenit Awards will equal 40 000 Rewards Points and each Premier Award will equal 10,000 Rewards Points.

Considering 2,000 points have a 40 EUR value one might have to do the math if the value of the certificate is better invested in having converted to points or to quickly book an award night before the conversion takes place.


I for one haven’t been a big fan of the Accor program over the years but mostly because their properties are really not that exciting for the most part. This could change now that Fairmont and Swissotel properties are included in the portfolio.

This particular promotion isn’t really anything to write home about as 2 stays would net you only 1000 points total (or 10 EUR bonus per stay). Really? Not worth to make a special effort. Nevertheless maybe you already had a couple stays this year at Swissotels and in that case the bonus should add automatically.

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