Fabulous Fridays: Fax Machines In The Hotel Room (Mostly In Suites)


Our ‘Blast from the Past’ Fabulous Friday topic this week is about hotels that have fax machines in their rooms, allowing guests to send and sometimes receive a fax right at their desk.

Fax machines can sometimes also be used as a printer if hooked up to the computer, however most of the time the machines hotels provide are rather antiquated and can’t be used for that purpose.

Okay, I have to admit this Fabulous Friday topic is rather ironic since I haven’t touched a fax in ages but recently I was actually asked by a Hong Kong based hotel to send a fax with my signature and credit card copy to confirm hotel reservation as apparently my credit card was expired. I obviously ignored the request and just made a new reservation online with an updated card but the process struck me as rather odd.

I was reminded on this episode when I checked in at a Sheraton hotel this week and found above pictured fax machine in my suite. I remember that the St. Regis Beijing also provides those in the suite rooms and I used it a few years ago to make a copy of two documents.

Receiving a fax would require the machine to have an individual phone number. Sending it wouldn’t provide many problems if any.


Even if someone needs a fax, nowadays there are several online options that offer sending a fax document to a respective number after uploading it online.

Have you ever used an in room fax at a hotel in the past decade? Hotels usually have business centers with copy machine, a computer and other machines. A fax however is often only found in the accounting department.