Reader Question: Wyndham Rewards Visa Checkout Promotion Was Ended Early?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question by email about Wyndham Rewards Visa Checkout promotion (read more here) that they had earlier this year that apparently had been terminated yearly!

Wyndham Rewards Visa Checkout

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I am a gold Wyndham Rewards member and I was trying to get 15000 points for the Visa Checkout promotion that started late last year. Originally the promotion started on November 1, 2017 and the booking needed to be completed by January 31, 2018 with stays completed by February 28, 2018. The terms and conditions of promotion say that the promotion can be changed or cancelled at any time without notice.

I made 3 stays that I booked in January, 2 in Jakarta and one in Davao. In March Wyndham posted 8000 points to my account for 2 of the stays. I called the customer support line to see why I didn’t get the last 7000 points. I was told that they would be posted to my account within 72 hours. I waited about a week and didn’t see any of the points promised post to my account. I called again and this time the rep told me that the promotion changed and it ended on January 18th and that my last stay was not eligible for the promotion.

I think this is something important to point out to your readers, Wyndham comes up with a lot of great promotions but they include in their terms and conditions that they can be changed or cancelled without notice and they do change and cancel them. Members need to beware not to waste money and time trying to get these promotional points when they can be cancelled without notice.

I forwarded this reader email to the Wyndham spokesperson and received the following reply:

Per our landing page for the offer, this promo was only available while supplies last and, given that the response from members was larger than anticipated, ended earlier than planned. Regrettably, this was information that should have been highlighted as part of the original pitch I shared and wasn’t—for that I apologize. It was an oversight and not certainly intentional.

As a make good for any of your readers who may feel they’ve missed out but met the original promotion terms, including the reader(s) the below, I would ask them to kindly reach out to us at and our team will be happy to work with them to make things right.


These clauses on the T&Cs that the promotion can be modified and/or terminated at any time are usually there just in case there is en error on the text and something needs to be fixed.

It is extremely bad planning if higher than anticipated uptake on promotion leads it to be canned after members have made noncancelable prepaid reservations. Members only find this out after they have stayed, promo points haven’t posted and they contact the customer service.

Wyndham Rewards has had very good promotions as of late and I wouldn’t like to see readers lose their trust. There’s the very old saying “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

I am glad that Wyndham Rewards has promised to fix this issue for readers that contact them using the email address above.