National Strike In France On March 22, 2018 Check Your Air France Flights

Air France is facing national strike on March 22, 2018, that will lead to reduced number of operating flights in French air space and airports in addition to the Air France’s employee strike on the following day on March 23 (read more here). Air France is facing additional strike on March 30th.

Air France

Air France has now issued rebooking guidelines for those that have Air France or HOP! tickets booked for travel on March 22, 2018, within continental France, Europe or North Africa.

You can access Air France’s web page for strike information here:

Here’s the update from Air France:

In the context of a national call for a strike in France, on Thursday 22 March 2018, French Civil Aviation Authorities gave instructions to all airlines to decrease their flight schedule from and to French airports.

Last minute delays and cancellations can be expected.

We already expect to operate all our long-haul flights, and our short and medium-haul flights schedule is being updated

If you have a valid Air France or HOP! ticket, issued on or before 20 March, for a travel within metropolitan France, Europe, or North Africa, on 22 March 2018, you can:
– anticipate your trip from 20 to 21 March 2018 inclusive
– postpone your trip from 25 to 28 March 2018 inclusive

Save time by changing your booking directly online, in the “Your reservations” section of the website or in the mobile app. You can change your booking at no extra cost for the same travel cabin.
You can also contact your travel agent.

You may also choose to postpone your flight to after 28 March 2018, change your country of destination or origin or cancel your trip. In this case, we will provide you with a voucher valid for 1 year on AIR FRANCE, KLM or HOP! flights. This voucher is non-refundable.


This strike may affect flights on other airlines even when the origin/destination is not in France if they need to use French air space. Watch your itineraries!

Remember that Air France is required by the EC 261/2004 legislation to provide duty to care for stranded passengers (accommodation, meals and calls) and rebook them to final destination at their (passengers) earliest convenience. Cash compensation per EC 261/2004 for cancellations/delays doesn’t apply if it is due to strike.