Reader Question: Power Outage At The Hotel Due To Maintenance – Fraser Suites Bangkok


Today we have a Reader Question concerning regular maintenance at his hotel, Fraser Suites Bangkok where the power has been shut off for half a day.

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Hotels often have annual or semi-annual checks for fire equipment, power systems and sometimes water distribution that can often take several hours to a full day and there is very little to prevent this.

The reader wrote in the following:

I am writing to you to inform you about a ridiculous situation. I made my reservations directly with the hotel about a week -10 days back. Check in on the 20th of March and for 2 nights. After check in we were informed that there is maintenance planned in the hotel on 21st March. They said there would not be any electricity from 10:30 am 21st March to 5:30 pm same day. And that’s not worse, even the elevators won’t be working from 3:30pm to 5:30 pm. The letter clear stated that if guests needed to please use stairs. Mind you the hotel is 34 floors. Last minute info was provided only when I arrived at the front desk for check in ( after the entire tariff was taken). There still is no notice on the website. When I asked about the compensation they refused straight-out. It is so last minute that I even don’t have an option to change hotels.

What I wanted to ask you was are they allowed to do that? Place like bangkok, where temperature is 35-38 degrees Celsius . No electricity what so ever in the apartments.

What is you idea about this situation? Should I do anything here( I’m at the property, came for to 2 days in bangkok to chill, getting roasted rather).

Attached letter below.

The following document is the letter the hotel Fraser Suites handed to the guest:

While certainly not convenient and really a huge pain for those who need to facilitate the elevator, especially considering how tall the Fraser Suites building is I don’t think a 5 hour period from 10:30am to 15:30 is a huge inconvenience as most guests are likely out of their rooms.

This doesn’t please everybody which is generally impossible at a big hotel but when John had a similar case last year at the Conrad Bangkok (see here) the power was out during the night which means air condition was also shut off.

The reader is indeed correct that the climate in Bangkok isn’t exactly ideal to have no power for the air condition at any time of the day but at least during daytime one has the option of going to the swimming pool, to a mall etc. In any case I’d expect the hotel to provide some sort of compensation or to walk away, demanding a refund. Bangkok has so many hotels, doing a last minute switch is usually no big deal. Right next to Fraser Suites is the aloft as well as Holiday Inn Express. Other chain hotels such as Westin Grande, Sheraton Grande, Four Points, JW Marriott etc are not far either.

In the very least the hotel should provide a couple free drinks at the Above Eleven rooftop bar or by the pool. I’d suggest to push for that!


When the hotel management decides to be stubborn about it and refuses to provide anything it’s usually best to outweigh if it’s worth making such a big scene that they refund you and let you walk or if it’s better to deal with the situation as is and leave bad reviews on Tripadvisor etc to get back to them.

In the situation described here I’d probably go to the pool after breakfast or maybe a shopping mall such as Terminal 21 or Central Embassy nearby. It’s not super hot in Bangkok at the moment (will be much worse a month from now) and should be possible to deal with this 5 hour power cut.