GOL Smiles: 200% Bonus For Transferring Miles Between Member Accounts Only TODAY On 28 March 2018

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GOL Smiles has sent out a promotional email today that they offer a transfer bonus of 200% for mileage transfers between member accounts.

This email has reached my email account quite late (it’s already early morning on the 29th here in Japan) but there are a few hours left if one of our readers wants to take advantage of the promotion which can make sense in isolated cases.

I’m writing about GOL Smiles every now and then because their miles are still quite easy to acquire for those with an active account and Brazilian tax registration number (required to maintain the account).

GOL Smiles are attractive for redemptions on Korean Air and Qatar Airways, especially in Business Class.

You have to sign into your Smiles account and then click on Transferar Smiles in order to initiate this transfer.

I currently have 40,001 GOL Smiles left in my account and just did a test run for the transfer promotion:

2,000 BRL are currently US$600 so 1 Mile is being sold at 0,75 cents per mile which is very good considering I can still book a one way flight from Seoul to Frankfurt on Korean Air Business Class for 80,000 Smiles total ($600 plus $20 tax).


I personally didn’t transfer any Smiles to my family members account at the time of this article, still thinking about it. These options on Korean Air and Qatar have been really good for me in the past few years especially on the routes to/from Seoul to both Europe and North America.

Availability with Smiles can sometimes be spotty and there is no way to reconcile it with other programs so I urge caution when putting large amounts of Smiles in stock without immediate use for them. You can always substitute GOL Smiles through the cash and points function during the booking process at similar rates as in this promotion (I was offered 16,000 Smiles plus US$525 supplement instead of the 80,000 total). Taking advantage of this promo would save me ~ US$150.