Hilton Honors Program Changes Effective April 2, 2018

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Hilton Honors announced program changes back in January (read more here) that will take place on April 2, 2018, and the program has been reminding members by email this week about them.

Hilton Honors Changes April 2018

The main program downgrade for most is the discontinuance of Double Dip where members were able to choose between earning additional 5 Hilton Honors points per USD charges or airline miles in addition to base points.

You can access Hilton’s page for the changes here.

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Here’s reminder what is changing:

Rollover Nights

Silver, Gold and Diamond members will have the nights consumed over their elite status rollover to the following year starting from 2018.

Status Gifting

Diamond member that reach 60 nights can gift Gold status that will be upgraded to Diamond if the gifter reaches 100 nights within a calendar year.

Milestone Bonuses

Hilton Honors Changes Bonus

Hilton Honors members will earn 10,000 bonus points for every ten consumed nights starting at 40 nights. Members will receive a special additional bonus of 30,000 points when they hit 60 nights within a calendar year.

Earning Changes

Here where some will earn less while others’ earnings will remain the same.

Previously, all members basically earned 15 points per USD charged (before elite bonus) if they chose Points + Points as their Double Dip preference.

As the Double Dip option is REMOVED, the base earning going forward is effectively reduced by 33% that is then replaced by higher elite bonuses.

Here’s the comparison between the OLD and NEW earnings scheme assuming Points + Points Double Dip option previously

  • Base 15 points versus 10 points (33% reduction)
  • Silver 16.5 points versus 12 points (27% reduction)
  • Gold 17.5 points versus 18 points (3% increase)
  • Diamond 20 points versus 20 points (no change)

Double Dip Gone!

Hilton Honors has decided to discontinue Double Dip altogether that has been the only program that has allowed member to earn both points and miles at the same time.

Instead of earning five additional Hilton Honors points per USD, the member has been able to earn 1 airline miles with number of partners (the number of miles have varied depending of the partner).

Hilton Honors also had never ending promotions with airlines from double to quadruple miles that you could combine with bonus points offers. You could easily earn 3 to 4 airlines miles per USD spend (often much more) in addition to the bonus points if you followed LoyaltyLobby.


The Hilton Honors has communicated this as “Elite bonus increase” when it fact only Gold members will earn 3% more when you take into account the discontinuance of Double Dip where all members earned 50% bonus on base points. Non-elite members earn 33% less and Silver members 27%.

The threshold bonuses, elite rollover nights and status giftings are of course nice but at least in my case don’t offset the losing of Double Dip with never ending airline related bonus opportunities.

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