Le Club AccorHotels Members Can Now Use 1,000 Points For 20 Euros Off In Indonesia

Le Club AccorHotels usually allows members to use their points in lots of 2,000 points for 40 euros off their bills at participating hotels or when booking on Accor’s website.

Le Club AccorHotels Indonesia

Now, Le Club AccorHotels is allowing members to redeem 1,000 points for 20 euros that is currently roughly 335,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).

You an access this offer on Accor’s website here.

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Note that you must have access to the email address on file with the Le Club AccorHotels account or the phone number for the one time authorization code.


This makes it easier to burn points in Indonesia where these incidental charges can be rather small.

Not sure why Accor doesn’t allow this for properties at other parts of the world because their system seems to be reado for it?

Here are the terms and conditions of this promotion:

The use of reward points for participating hotels in deducting bill charges is subject to the following rules:

Le Club AccorHotels Reward Points only apply to qualifying accommodation, which is only applicable to eligible accommodation. Room and incidental expenses, or only room rate expenses.

• For special redemption offers* for participating hotels in Indonesia, the use of bonus points applies to multiples of 1,000 bonus points: 1,000 bonus points can be deducted from the accommodation fee of 20 Euros (including tax) or in-store fees.

Members cannot use bonus points that exceed the total cost of accommodation after they are credited.

Members must use the payment method usually accepted by the hotel to cover the remaining expenses.

• Redeem your reward points at the hotel reception desk at any time between check-in and check-out. The membership card must also be presented;

– The use of reward points for deductions or expenses in currencies other than Euros should be made by AccorHotels Group’s “multi-currency” database (the Reuters Bank’s currency and financial information database).

This ratio should apply to:

– Reward points are used upon check-out and no advance payment is required;

– Payment is made using the appropriate reward points in orders that require prepayment;

– Used directly at the hotel reception during the stay;

if the member authorizes the hotel to use its rewards Points, the reward points directly used in participating hotels during the stay can not be re-entered;

• When part of the bill expenses are paid with reward points, the accommodation reward points will be obtained through the part not paid with reward points.

In any case, the credit of bonus points will not generate any currency consideration in any form, including cash refund.

In order to be able to use the bonus points, the member must agree that the management party uses the information and transactions recorded in the computer system to constitute evidence of these transactions until the evidence shows the opposite.

* In other countries, the use of bonus points still applies to multiples of 2,000 bonus points (2,000 bonus points = 40 Euro).