Air France Strike On April 3, 2018 (Another One April 7)

Number of Air France unions have already had three strikes this year on February 22nd, March 23rd and March 30th.There are two additional strikes scheduled for this coming week on April 3 and 7.

Air France

Previous strikes have lead to cancellation 20% to 40% of the long-haul flights plus smaller percentage of short and medium haul ones. The expected strike will likely lead to similar cancellation percentage.

You can access Air France here.

Employees are demanding 6% pay raise after six years of stagnant wages. The airline has offered them just 1%. AIr France has now issued rebooking guidelines for next week.

Here are the rebooking guidelines for April 3 by Air France:


Updated on 28 March 2018, 09:30 PM Paris local time

A new strike by several Air France staff unions is called for Tuesday 03 April 2018. It remains too early to ascertain the potential outcome of the effects this strike might have on our flight schedule.

Please note that Air France flights operated by an aircraft other than that of Air France or Joon will not be affected by this strike (HOP!, KLM, Delta…).

Without waiting for its confirmation, we now offer rebooking options at no extra cost, no matter the fare.

Can I postpone my trip?

If you have a valid Air France ticket, issued on or before 28 March, for a flight operated by Air France or Joon on 03 April, you can:

– anticipate your trip from 01 or 02 April 2018
– postpone your trip between 04 and 08 April 2018.

Save time by changing your booking directly online*, in the “Your reservations” section of the website or in the mobile app. You can change your booking at no extra cost for the same travel cabin.

* This online modification is valid until 06 April included. Beyond this date, we recommend to contact your travel agent that can also be contacted at any time.

You may also choose to postpone your flight to sometime after 08 April 2018, change your country of destination or origin or cancel your trip. In these cases, we will provide you with a voucher that will be valid for 1 year and can be used on AIR FRANCE, KLM or HOP! flights. This voucher will be non-refundable.

What are the consequences? Will my journey be affected?

As soon as we have a more accurate estimate of the number of employees on strike and the impact on our operations, our flight schedule will be changed accordingly and made public the day before your departure.

Some flights may be cancelled. Furthermore, in order to ensure the maximum number of flights with our reduced crew, we may have to limit the number of passengers on board some of our flights,meaning that we will not be able to honor all bookings.

Customers whose bookings are cancelled will be informed the day before their departure.

How can I stay informed?

On the day before your departure, we will send you an SMS or e-mail to confirm the potential impact on your journey.

Please make sure your personal contact details (mobile telephone, e-mail address) are up-to-date in the “Your reservations” section of our website or in the mobile app.

In the meantime, we would like to assure you that our teams will do their utmost to assist you and minimize the impact of this industrial action on your travel plans.

What should I do on the day of departure?

Before going to the airport, if the flight is “operated by Air France” or “operated by Joon”, we recommend that you check your booking information in the “Your reservations” section on our website or mobile app.

If your reservation is cancelled, we recommend that you do not travel to the airport.
Our staff will do their utmost to offer you an alternative solution.

Otherwise, you will be able to change your flight independently on our website. If you wish, you can also contact your travel agent or the Air France teams who are ready to assist you as you seek alternative solutions. (See the “Contact us” section).

With a confirmed booking, we advise you to check-in online, for you and your baggage.

We sincerely hope that your flight will operate as scheduled and apologize for any inconvenience this strike may cause you.


If you are scheduled to fly on April 3rd or day before/after on Air France, you should consider taking advantage of the rebooking options offered.

Remember that Air France is required by the EC 261/2004 legislation to provide duty to care for stranded passengers (accommodation, meals and calls) and rebook them to final destination at their (passengers) earliest convenience even on other airlines such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, and British Airways to name some.

I would be hesitant to book flights on Air France until these employee issues are resolved. It seems that the unions are starting to strike more often to raise the management’s pressure to negotiate.