Compensation Clinic: Hilton Honors Account Breach, Reservation Cancellation & Unhelpful Fraud Department/Guest Assistance


This week’s Compensation Clinic-piece comes from a reader’s case that I already had as a question last week (read more here) that was quite a mess. His Hilton account was hacked, reservation for Conrad Bora Bora canceled, points used and Guest Relations was not helpful with recreating the reservation (no longer available using points).


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You can access Conrad Bora Bora Nui’s website here.

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Here’s the response from the Executive Customer Relations:

I am responding on behalf of our Executive Offices at Hilton regarding the challenges that you experienced for your upcoming stay at theConrad Bora Bora Nui. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you.

After reviewing your concerns, I can certainly understand your dismay and frustration. Clearly, we have not met your expectations and I do apologize for your experience. Our fraud department have been made aware of tis matter and are taking the necessary steps to rectify the security matter. As a result of the inconvenience brought on by the cancelled reservation, I will be forwarding to you “2” Be My Guest Certificates to use at any Conrad Brand for a standard room accommodation. The certificates will be sent to the address as noted below:


Mr. REMOVED, I have reserved for you a new reservation for the night of September 27, 2018. The certificate will cover the cost of your stay and an additional night if you would like. Your voice is critical to acting on our areas of opportunity and I appreciate you sharing your experience with us. I have also e-mailed you confirmation of this reservation. Please do not hesitate to respond to this e-mail contact if there is anything else I can do to assist, or if I have overlooked anything regarding your upcoming stay.

Here’s what happened from my earlier piece:

Executive Summary:

– Reader Hilton Honors account was hacked

– Award reservation for Conrad Bora Bora was canceled by the hacker

– Points were used for something else

– Account was restored and Hilton gave 80,000 additional points for the problem

– Night is no longer available as standard award at 80,000 points and Hilton Honors won’t help restoring the reservation

Here are some select emails:

Hilton is writing to inform you of recent activity regarding your Hilton Honors account.

We have identified an unauthorized activity on your Hilton Honors account

Please be assured that this activity does not have any bearing on the integrity of our systems and we have no reason to believe that our systems have been compromised. However, out of an abundance of caution, we have closed your existing Hilton Honors account and provided you with a new account number and password. Additionally, 54,000 Hilton Honors points have been returned to your Hilton Honors account, and in an effort to make amends we have also adjusted 80,000 bonus points to your account bringing your current points balance to REMOVED.

Your new Hilton Honors number is REMOVED.

The new account reflects all of the information associated with your previous account. However, if there were credit cards on file and/or link to an Amazon account, we do not have access to full credit card numbers and unable to link Amazon accounts. You may add your credit card information to your new Hilton Honors account number and/or relinked to your Amazon account; if you wish to do so.

If the Hilton Honors account number is associated with a Hilton Honors sponsored credit, please notify the sponsored credit card company of your new Hilton Honors account number. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our Hilton Honors Customer Service Department at 800-548-8690 or

Please note that you will need to create a new username and password for your new account. You will receive a separate email with a hyperlink and instructions on creating a new username and password on the Hilton Honors website, Please take a minute to confirm and update the information in your account. For extra security measures, we recommend changing the password on your email account before creating a new unique Hilton Honors password that would be solely used for your Hilton Honors account.

If you already have a future stay confirmed with your old Hilton Honors account number and you are staying within the next (3) business days, please note, the hotel front desk agent will be able to assist in adding your new Hilton Honors account number your reservation.

We value your loyalty and take the security of your account very seriously. We have taken, and will continue to take, steps to enhance the security features of the Hilton Honors program and apologize for any inconvenience that you may incur as a result of these actions.


Fraud Analyst HHFP – Diagnosis and Response Team (DART)

Another email:

Like I said before, I do understand your frustration but I have not said that there is nothing that Hilton or the hotel can do at all. I simply said we cannot restore your original reservation and book a room that is not available and that is true for the hotel as well. Our office cannot do anything further as we have offered all that has been approved by management which is why I previously contacted our escalations department. They will be in contact with you via email soon.


After careful review of your account, we can confirm that the original 80,000 points were returned to your account when the reservation was cancelled. An agent also added an additional 80,000 points to your account as compensation. Unfortunately the room type that you have booked for the first 2 nights is not available so the rooms that are left are listed at a higher rate. If you would like to book a different suite for the final night, you can use the returned points as well as the extra points offered as compensation and pay for any additional cost due to the upgraded room type. I apologize for any inconvenience.


I am glad that this issue is now resolved and in a manner that leaves the reader whole. He basically received 80,000 Hilton Honors points and an extra Be My Guest certificate as a compensation considering that one of the certs is used for the night that was “lost”.

Remember that the only thing he was asking was that Hilton Honors would reinstate the reservation that the fraudsters had canceled in order to use the points for something else.

Seems that you now need to contact Executive Customer Relations to get the same level of service that the Guest Assistance used to provide. Very unfortunate.