Hilton Honors Points To Airline Miles Conversion Update April 2, 2018

Hilton Honors made quite a few changes to its loyalty program effective today that we have written about here on LoyaltyLobby several time this year (read more here and here).

Alaska Singapore Airlines

The biggest change was the discontinuance of the Double Dip program where members could choose to earn airline miles instead of additional Hilton Honors points. Hilton, however, continues to offer points to miles conversions with select partners.

You can access Hilton Honors airline partner page here.

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Here are the current partners with conversion ratio:

Note that the number of Hilton Honors points required to conversions (minimums) and miles converted to partner programs are airline program dependent. Consult the Hilton’s page or the information above.


I don’t think that any of these conversions make any sense unless you need small number of miles to top up your frequent flier account for an award or to keep it from expiring OR you otherwise have absolutely no other use for Hilton Honors points.