U.S. Customs And Border Protection Publishes List With Revoked Global Entry Memberships After FOIA Request, Many Interesting Cases!


The Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection has complied with a Freedom of Information Act request and published a list of Global Entry participants whose membership got revoked.

The list contains several interesting cases where individuals were found to be no longer eligible for the U.S. Trusted Traveler Program due to various customs violations and sometimes criminal history.

Since the program was rolled out Global Entry quickly became extremely popular with travelers arriving internationally to the U.S. as it shortens the overall process required for customs clearance dramatically.

However it seems that many travelers understand this system as a carte blanche to not respect the rules anymore and often start acting in a rather offensive, condescending way towards the customs process and sometimes the officers involved (never a good idea).

We have obtained said list which anyone can download from a public domain (access here).

Download (PDF, 1.23MB)

While internal notes and personal details aren’t included in this FOIA compliant document it allows a good insight into what GE members are up to or thought to get away with.

Here are some examples:

  • You do not meet the program eligibility requirements. GE member has 8/27/2014 misdemeanor conviction for DUI-LIQUOR/DRUGS/VAPORS/COMBO after approval for GE program.
  • You are no longer eligible for program membership as you did not follow proper procedures during U.S CBP processing and went under multiple rope barriers in order to bypass the exit egress. because of the above security violation your Global Entry membership has been revoked.
  • Upon further review, you do not meet standard requirements base on 2/25/1975 FRAUD-INSUFF FUNDS CHECK / 150 DOLLARS OR OVER; 8/21/1975 FRAUD-INSUFF FUNDS CHECK; 12/22/1977 NONMOVING TRAFFIC VIOL – NVDL PINELLAS CO showing no disposition.
  • Poor conduct of stakeholder at O’Hare International Airport 2/15/17. Conduct lends itself to the belief that the member no longer considered low risk to violate terms and conditions of trusted traveler program.

The application and Global Entry website is really straight forward in terms of what prior violations or a potential criminal record would be a problem for the initial approval. There are of course people who aren’t honest in their application and get found out later which leads to their Global Entry privilege being revoked. Remember, it’s a TRUSTED Traveler program, not a membership for liars and cheats.

Of course there is always the possibility that a Global Entry member receives a conviction after being approved which also somehow lands on the radar of the GE program.

What’s shocking to me is the high amount of payment reversals meaning someone initiated a charge back for the enrollment fee. Who in his or her right mind would do something like this? Apart from the fact that many premium credit cards nowadays cover a Global Entry fee as part of their benefits.


The reasons outlined here are really crazy in terms of what kind of behavior people come up with and subsequently have their GE privileges revoked. As I already emphasized above it’s a Trusted Traveler Program for low risk individuals.

If one feels the membership has been wrongfully revoked there is an option to appeal that decision with the Ombudsman for the Global Entry program. The case officer there will look at the situation again to verify if the CBP officer who revoked the membership has done so with due process and proper reasons.