Orbitz Hotel Discount Codes Are Now Limited To Two Bookings Per Account, Per Promotion


Orbitz has a near constant availability of discount codes for hotel bookings, most of which offer a 15% rebate on independent hotels (and some branded ones as well, thought the big international brands rarely apply).

Now it seems that Orbitz has limited these codes to a total of 2x use per account as I figured out a few days ago, this has never been a problem for me before.

You can access Orbitz here.

I’m a big fan of Orbitz because of these codes and their insider prices which are very competitive. Right now I’m booking plenty of hotels for a little Japan round trip during Sakura season and actually ran out of the option to apply any more discount codes.

Since I never ran into this before I checked the terms & conditions of the current promotion code JUSTLIKETHAT and sure enough I found the exclusion:

 … Customers are limited to two redemptions of this promotion code and up to a maximum savings of $150 per booking. After those two bookings, this promo code will not be able to be used again, even if one or more of those bookings is cancelled. …

The way this is enforced seems to be very inconsistent though as I’ve booked at least 5 hotels with this code under my account, mostly via mobile app.

In any case, you can open another account and book that way however Orbitz does recognize your credit card so you have to use a different card than for the previous purchases.


Orbitz has so many codes floating around and it’s still possible to skirt these rules so I wonder why they even bother at all to restrict the use of these e-coupons.

Being able to always get a solid 15% off plus earning Orbucks and possible Best Rate Guarantee is one of the reasons why I love Orbitz for years. I’m really booking a lot of hotels through them so this restriction is annoying. It’s almost like they don’t want any additional business.