Marriott Rewards & SPG Merger Will Result In New Loyalty Program Name


Hotel News Now released a YouTube video of Arne Sorenson interview that had taken place on March 23, 2018, where the Marriott President and CEO spends considerable amount of time talking about the loyalty side of their business.

He mentions that the programs are brought together in the second half of this year and they will have new name to launch in early 2019. Sorenson also talks about the scale of the loyalty program after the merger and how higher end Starwood properties are aspirational for those wishing to use their points.

You can access the YouTube video here.

Remember when Sorenson was calling SPG members rabid (read more here)?

Marriott CEO SPG Members Too Rabid


“To deliver even more value to our guests at more cost effective terms to our hotel owners and drive loyalty program that is second to none” is bit worrisome though. Delivering more value to guests while making it cheaper for the hotel owners simultaneously is impossible.

I am certainly eager to learn what the new name of the program will be. “Starriott”, Marpoints or Rabid Rewards perhaps…..