Marriott Rewards Announcement Coming Next Week & Programs (SPG/Marriott/Ritz-Carlton Rewards) Combined In August (Info Leaked)


A LoyaltyLobby reader Tweet us (access here) about a message that he had received from Marriott Rewards via Facebook Messenger about “exciting” changes to the program that would be announced next week.

Marriott Rewards Changes

Then there was this post on FlyerTalk this morning (access here) about well placed source having shared information about combined tiers that would be launched in August.

You can access Marriott Rewards here.

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Remember that I had post last week where Marriott President and CEO Mr. Sorenson said that programs would be ready to merge in the second half of this year (access here).

Here’s what the new status levels are per the FT post:

  • Silver 10 nights
  • Gold 25 nights
  • Platinum 50 nights
  • Platinum Premier 75 nights
  • Ambassador 100 nights and $20,000

Seems that Marriott Rewards would move away from STAY based qualification for SPG members. Many SPG members have qualified for Platinum status on fewer than 50 nights because you could on 25 stays.

Marriott Rewards has required 50 nights for Gold and 75 nights for their Platinum status. I would assume that most of current Gold benefits such as lounge access and breakfast are removed and offered only at the new Platinum level or otherwise this change makes very little sense.

Platinum Premier as well as SPG Ambassador benefits have always been undefined. It is interesting to see if they will introduce additional hard benefits for those members.

SPG Ambassador program has required 100 nights but there hasn’t been spend requirement that now would be introduced at $20,000. This would mean minimum $200 per night at 100 nights before taxes/fees/service charges.


It is always messy to merge two programs and especially much loved SPG with very vocal membership to Marriott Rewards (whatever the name will be in 2019).

Seems that they are retaining some of the Marriott and SPG status levels and number of nights requirements if the leaked information is correct.

I am very eager to learn what will happen to the actual confirmed benefits at each of these levels. I would assume that many SPG Ambassador members might be long term guests at specific properties due to projects that may have hard time hitting the spend requirement.

We should learn more next week per the Marriott Rewards message sent on the Facebook Messenger.