Topbonus Insolvency Update & Get Your Claims In By April 24, 2018


Topbonus today emailed their latest update why members of this insolvent programs are not able to log into their accounts today per previous guidance. The company is still looking for a buyer and this process is apparently going well.

Latest Topbonus Message

Members that have Topbonus miles in their accounts may be able to get cash payment valuing one mile at 0.36 euro cent each (10,000 miles = 36 euros). The last date to file the claim is April 24, 2018.

You can lodge your claim to get some cash for your Topbonus miles here.


Let’s see if this mysterious buyer ever surfaces.

What is a loyalty program without proper airline backing and with tainted relationship with its members worth? Would you happily go back to program that already burnt you once to a point where you had to file a claim with insolvency administration to get some value for your miles?