Whine Wednesday: SPG Ambassador Service (Greatly Overpromised – Underdelivered)


This week the Whine Wednesday deals with the SPG’s Ambassador program that was officially launched back in 2012 having being invitation only earlier.

SPG Ambassador

SPG Ambassador requires 100 consumed nights within a calendar year and it appears that the Marriott/SPG program merger will introduce a revenue component of $20,000 (minimum) to get one (read more here).

You can access SPG’s page for Ambassador program here.

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Here’s the SPG Ambassador video that is on YouTube:

And here are some “testimonials” on that Ambassador web page:

And here’s my experience this year:

The email above is the only contact that I have had with the Ambassador. She probably should have checked if I was actually staying at the SPG property (I was) and not tried to call me at 2AM local time (facepalm).

I have not seen any differences on the benefits such as upgrades (generally have been good).


Now, Marriott is going to make this Ambassador “status” with absolutely no benefits of any kind to have a revenue qualification component of $20,000. This has to be a bad joke, right?

I have friends who were part of the Ambassador program before it was official tier with SPG and there were then extra benefits and attention paid by the properties and perhaps each of these Ambassadors didn’t have as many accounts to oversee as they have now either.

I have once previously been part of this Ambassador program back in 2012 and my experience back then was roughly the same. I used the Ambassador to fix couple of after stay issued I had. Practically useless for anything else.

This is a great idea but again bad implementation and way over hyped and badly delivered.