British Airways Flight Attendant Goes Binge Drinking On A Flight From Singapore

British Airways flight attendant was sentenced this week in the UK court for having ten times the amount of alcohol in her blood than is the legal limit for someone working on a flight.


Passenger had smelled the alcohol in her breath and told another crew member. Police was alerted and met the flight at the Terminal 5 in London.

Here’s an excerpt from Channel NewsAsia (access the piece here):

Patricia Casey, 51, was found to be more than 10 times over the alcohol limit for air crew, reported British media on Thursday (Apr 12).

“She has been a flight attendant for over 21 years, she has an unblemished record, she has never had any issues in the past for her behaviour. She was going through a messy divorce. She decided to self-medicate and on this occasion drank at work,” said Casey’s lawyer Shan Yaqub.

And here from the Mirror (access the piece here):

He told the court the flight’s Cabin Services Manager spoke to Casey on the flight after being alerted to the complaint.

Ms Kaur added Casey claimed “she had not had any food or drink” on board the flight.

But once removed to a private room in the terminal Casey admitting drinking the vodka to police.

Ms Kaur said: “She then informed one of the officers that she had been very silly and it was her fault and she had drank four vodka miniatures on duty during the course of the flight.

She was then cautioned and at a police station blew 81mg per 100ml of breath two hours later – over twice the drink drive limit of 35mg per 100ml.

A blood sample was taken and Ms Kaur added it had “201 micrograms per 100ml of blood and the legal limit is 20micrograms, as a result she is now before the courts your worships”.


There has been lot of reports lately that many British Airways flights have been light on booze. I hope that it is not due to crew members drinking while on duty like was the case here or taking bottles to their destination hotels…..

It is probably not the wisest move ever to “self medicate” or to drink for one’s sorrow.