Korean Air Rage 2.0: Nut Ladies Sister Joins The Reigns Of Crazy Executives In The Family


It’s been a while since the ‘Nut Lady’ Korean Air Executive was sentenced to a year in prison after her fit over incorrectly served macadamia nuts onboard a KE flight, now her sister is accused of lashing out too.

Korean Air Executive Cho Hyun-min is now accused of abusing an advertising executive, insulting him and hurling water in his face during a business meeting.

One could say it’s probably business as usual for these wealthy heirs of the business conglomerates in South Korea who are widely accused of reigning over their empire like ‘feudal lords’ and regularly abuse their employees and contractors in various ways.

The story comes from the New York Times (access here) thanks to the tip from one of our readers.

The police on Friday began looking into accusations that a sister of Korean Air’s infamous “nut rage” heiress physically abused an advertising executive, insulting him and hurling water in his face during a business meeting.

Cho Hyun-min, 35, is a younger sister of Cho Hyun-ah, a Korean Air vice president whose 2014 tantrum over how macadamia nuts had been served to her in first class made the company a target of ridicule and outrage, in South Korea and elsewhere. Both women are daughters of Cho Yang-ho, the airline’s chairman. …

During the furor in South Korea over the “nut rage” episode, Cho Hyun-min, then a Korean Air executive in charge of corporate communications, sent a Twitter message to her sister, vowing “revenge” against unspecified enemies of the family, according to investigators. She later apologized for what she called her “immature” behavior.

In the latest incident, Cho Hyun-min, who now oversees marketing at the airline, was accused in news reports of throwing a cup of water at an executive for an advertising company during a meeting last month. The incident was cited as an example of what South Koreans call “gapjil” — the abuse of underlings and subcontractors by executives who behave like feudal lords.

On Friday, Korean Air officials declined to comment on the police investigation. But they said Ms. Cho had raised her voice after becoming displeased with answers she got from the advertising executive, and that she threw water on the floor, not at the man’s face. …

This family is seriously out of control but based on various media reports about these family members in various companies it’s by no means an isolated incident. Not that it makes it any better.


Seems that South Korean people are getting increasingly frustrated with the condescending conduct of these individuals towards employees and contractors or people in general. The public social media comments of a person like this are just fanning the flames instead of letting the situation calm down.