Delta’s Email About Marriott/SPG Crossover Rewards Changes

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Delta Air Lines today sent out an email to SkyMiles members that had registered to Crossover Rewards or deposited miles to the program from either SPG or Marriott about changes coming in August.

Delta SPG Crossover Rewards Email

The email above summarizes the changes that SkyMiles members that have used Marriott Rewards and SPG may face. You can access my piece from yesterday about the program merger here.

You can access Marriott’s web page for the program changes here.

The conversion of points to miles shouldn’t change as the SPG ratio of 1 point to 1 mile with 5,000 bonus when you convert 20,000 points remains in place (when you take into account that all SPG points are tripled and conversion ratios are tripled as a result too – you need 60K new points to 25K airline miles).

The Crossover Rewards program with reciprocal benefits for SPG and SkyMiles elite members is coming to an end on July 15, 2018.


I heard that this change came as a surprise to people at Delta who thought that they had shot of retaining the partnership. Perhaps Delta should have few words with Hilton now?