U.S Daily Getaways – Complete Preview For All Offers Of 2018


As reported for the past two weeks, the U.S. Travel Association’s Daily Getaways are back once again in 2018 and this week we can bring you the complete preview of all offers available this year.

Daily Getaways started two weeks ago and will once again have interesting offers for those interested to save on purchases with various travel providers.

I have covered the Daily Getaways since they became live for 2018 (the most recent one for this week can be accessed here) and we have now obtained the entire preview for the remainder of the campaign.

What’s interesting about this is that many of the popular offers are actually towards the end of the Daily Getaways 2018 (such as Hyatt points).

From the schedule I’d like to highlight four items:

  • April 24th: Loews Hotels
  • April 30th: Accor / Fairmont Hotels
  • May 3rd: Marriott Hotels Gift Cards
  • May 8th: Hyatt Hotels

We also have a pdf with an overview of all the deals sorted by category:

Download (PDF, 78KB)

Hyatt will have packages of points available in numbers of 10,000 to 70,000 points and the interesting part of that is that this year full points stays are actually fully qualifying with World of Hyatt.

Both Loews and Fairmont are going to offer 2 night packages for various cities in the U.S. where I personally have an eye on Miami and Los Angeles.

Last but not least Marriott will have gift cards $100-$500 at a 20% savings rate.

On May 2nd There is also the option of purchasing an Orbitz coupon of US$1000 value for US$650 however there is a drawback to that. Orbitz always has 15% discount codes available online and you can’t combine these so basically you’re only getting 20% off and not 35%.


This year has once again been good in terms of what has been put on offer. I’m sad that American Express was no longer sponsoring this campaign because in the past there were always some nice discounts when using Amex cards. No discounts were available this year for any method of payment.