Expedia Travel Sale (Up To 90% Off For Few) + $50 Off $200 Hotel Coupon

Expedia is about to launch their semi-annual travel sale that will go live at noon ET today (April 20, 2018) and comes with $50 off $200 hotel coupon + few members that book exactly at noon have opportunity to save up to 90% off their hotel reservation.

Expedia Travel Sale + Coupon

Expedia coupons are quite rare and this is a good opportunity to combine one with Expedia Rewards points that you may have (remember that these points are worth double if you redeem them towards VIP Access hotels).

You can access the Expedia sale here.

Note that the hotel coupon excludes most chain hotels.


I tend to use other Expedia companies to book independent hotels such as Orbitz and CheapTickets because they always have minimum 15% off coupons applicable for these non-chain properties. Expedia rarely has any.

They also advertise some 90% off hotels that you may be able to book within the first minute of so when this sale goes live at noon. Check Expedia’s website for more info.