Now Official: Lufthansa Allows Upgrading Lowest Fare (Z/P) Business Class To First Class With Miles&More Miles And eVouchers


Lufthansa Miles&More has officially announced today that it’s now possible to upgrade even the lowest fare Lufthansa Business Class tickets (Z/P) to First Class by use of Miles&More miles or eVouchers.

As always the coveted eVouchers (issued to Lufthansa Senator’s and HON Circle Status members) are the best value here when trying for such a redemption as mileage for Z/P class requires a 20k miles surcharge.

For a long while the rule that First Class upgrades on Lufthansa flights were only available for booking class D and above was a source of contempt for Miles&More status members as those are extremely pricey. SWISS flights have always been able to be upgraded to First from lower Business booking classes as well and those were readily available.

Lufthansa Miles&More Senator members receive 2 eVouchers good for one intercontinental flight while HON Circle Members receive six couchers upon each (re)qualification plus some threshold bonuses.

The new system now allows a fair and affordable upgrade process on Lufthansa flights as well.

Lufthansa sent out an email (in German) to their members informing them about the changes:

From this the following points can be drawn:

  • The First Class Upgrade options have been expanded effective immediately
  • Upgrades are now possible from all Business Class booking classes including Z & P
  • The rate for upgrades continues to be two eVouchers or a variable amount of Miles&More miles
  • Guests in Lufthansa First Class will (finally) receive a voucher for complimentary FlyNet Internet

These are the rates to upgrade with Miles&More miles to First Class:

From/To Europe – Middle East, North Africa, Central Africa

  • Booking Classes J, C, D : 35,000 Miles
  • Booking Classes P, Z : 55,000 Miles

From/To Europe – North America, India, South Africa

  • Booking Classes J, C, D : 50,000 Miles
  • Booking Classes P, Z : 70,000 Miles

From/To Europe – Far East, Central Asia, South East Asia

  • Booking Classes J, C, D : 65,000 Miles
  • Booking Classes P, Z : 85,000 Miles

From/To Europe – Caribbean, Central America, South America

  • Booking Classes J, C, D : 55,000 Miles
  • Booking Classes P, Z : 75,000 Miles

There is still no update in the Upgrade Award Chart in regards to upgrades from Premium Economy booking class N (their lowest class) to Business Class while lower Economy Classes like S, W can be upgraded. For upgrades from Premium Economy to Business Class one needs to book G or E class.


This is a huge step for Miles&More and especially their members who can finally upgrade to First Class again at reasonable levels, especially when using their eVouchers. I consider the introduction of providing internet vouchers for First Class passengers overdue. Charging passengers for internet in the top tier cabin just doesn’t sit right with me and that doesn’t only go for Lufthansa but airlines across the bench.

Note that this change only affects Lufthansa Miles & More and not other programs whose members won’t be able to redeem from P / Z class to First.