Free 20 EUR Lufthansa Voucher For Departures From Germany – Request Your Code Now, Book Until 19th June 2018


Lufthansa has opened a new campaign where they give out vouchers in the value of 20 EUR for flights originating from Germany that have to be booked until June 19th, 2018 (flown by August 25th 2018).

The voucher can be used for booking made between March 22th and June 19th 2018 but are issued immediately upon requesting them (one per email address).

If you are planning to complete some bookings for this summer it might be worthwhile to request one (or more) of the 20 EUR vouchers which will be applied to the base fare only.

The voucher can be used for flights between 26/03/2018 until 25/08/2018.

Lufthansa runs these promotions frequently and it depends on the individual campaign if they are good for worldwide use or specific points of origin. This one is valid for departures ex Germany only and for worldwide destinations.

For some reason this promo website is really messed up this time around. There are errors for the graphics and also once you switch to English it says the voucher is valid for departures from Moldova while in German it says the codes are good for departures ex Germany. Weird!

You can access the Lufthansa promotional website here to request your code.

The landing page doesn’t require a password for the voucher request this time around, you just enter your contact information to receive the discount code via email.


Keep in mind that some of the very cheap fares within Germany and Europe have a very low base fare of sometimes just a few Euro, the rest being taxes and fees. Since the voucher can only be applied to the base fare it might be that you can’t profit from the entire 20 EUR value.

In any case it can be good to order one or two of these vouchers to save a little on trips that are to be booked during the promotional period.

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