Marriott Introduces Tribute Portfolio Homes Pilot

Marriott is following Accor and Hyatt that both have foot on homesharing via Onefinestay and Oasis by teaming up with Hostmaker and introducing Tribute Portfolio Homes pilot for London market.

Marriott Tribute Portfolio Homes

People that search for accommodation on Marriott’s website for London are presented option for Tribute Portfolio Homes that opens up on separate website. Marriott Rewards members can earn points and elite qualifying nights.

You can access Marriott’s website here and Tribute Portfolio Homes here.

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Marriott Rate Search

Marriott Tribute Portfolio Homes Search

These homes that are under Tribute brand are “curated” ones and chosen from Hostmaker’s inventory of 1,500. They are all entire units.


Marriott Tribute Portfolio Homes Search London

You are presented the prices in USD per night and the number of Marriott Rewards points you earn for the entire stay.

Marriott Tribute Portfolio Homes Search London Property

Seems that you earn 5 points per USD excluding the cleaning fee.


  • 100% refund – if canceled both within 48 hours after booking and 30 days prior to check-in date
  • 50% refund – if canceled 7 or more days prior to check-in date
  • 0% refund – if canceled within 7 days of check-in date

Need to cancel minimum 30 days prior check-in date and within 48 hours after booking to get 100% refund.


Interesting to see how this pilot will work out and if this partnership will continue past October when it is due to expire per the information released.

I guess that this is a good option if you need accommodation that has two or three bedrooms that would make hotel often prohibitively expensive (large suite).

Friends rented Airbnb in Reykjavik that was fantastic while I was staying at the Hilton. I believe the entire building was built for that purpose only (for renting out on short term mostly).