Alaska Airlines Introducing “Basic Economy” Fares

Alaska Airlines made an announcement during an earnings call yesterday that “Saver Fares” would be coming to an airline this fall that are basically no frills “Basic Economy” fares that United, Delta and American have all had for a while.

Alaska Airlines

Elite members are not eligible for upgrades from this fare type that is also non-refundable. Seats for these Saver Fares are assigned at the rear of the aircraft and the passengers assigned the last boarding group (no space for carry-on luggage).

You can access Alaska Airlines here.

Note that Alaska hasn’t released more information than what they disclosed on the earnings call about this fare type.


Airline business executives are addicted to these kind of fares that are then used to “up sell” and passengers hit with all kind of ancillary fees.

Elite members are basically required to pay extra to enjoy the benefits that they have earned and qualified for.

Now that American Airlines, Delta and United have all gone revenue based on their frequent flier programs and Southwest/JetBlue have been already for a while, does anyone believe that this is not something that is coming to Mileage Plan as well?