Reader Question: IHG Hotels Threatens To Cancel Bonus Points Package Reservations Because Rate Is Too Low?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email about an issue with IHG affiliated hotel which is demanding a higher rate and would not like to issue bonus points that were part of the deal when booked.

Reader Question IHG Hotels Threatens To Cancel Bonus Points Package Reservations Because Rate Is Too Low

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I booked 10 separate dates for reservations at the front desk of a ihg hotel over 10 months ago. I have all 10 printed confirmations directly from the hotel. They were all 1000 per night packages.

First, the hotel notifies my a couple of weeks prior, my rate is too low they want a higher rate and cancel the rsvps.

Then the notify me even at a higher rate they would not allow the 1000 points per night because my revised booked rate they agreed to and printed confirmations, is too low.

To me, this is a clear case of fraud. Do hotels have a right to cancel confirmed rsvps just because they want a higher rate? What are my rights as a traveler with confirmed rsvp?

It is unclear from the reader’s email where this hotel is and how much exactly was the rate booked. I would assume that it couldn’t have been too low (read a mistake) because it was booked at the front desk.

I would open a case with IHG Rewards Club and send them the original reservation confirmations with detailed note what is going on.

Hotels unfortunately have much leeway when it comes to canceling reservations but chains don’t like this practice. The hotel may also get fined by the IHG for the customer service complaint and possible compensation points issued.


It is very unfortunate if hotels start to cancel reservations made months in advance after realizing that they can now get a higher rate for the night. This is very short-sighted from the hotel and I hope that IHG can fix the issue with the hotel for the reader.