Woman Falls Onto The Baggage Carousel At Moscow Airport While Reaching For Her Dog Carrier – Fined!


A female passenger that arrived at Moscow SVO Airport fell onto the baggage claim carousel while reaching to retrieve her dog carrier and ended up riding all the way into the luggage hold.

Her adventure didn’t end there though as airport authorities charged and fined her for damaging airport equipment.

You often see people reaching into the baggage distribution area, not waiting until their items are running on the belt and getting themselves in danger of being injured, sometimes you even see folks walking on the belt to move a suitcase that got stuck. Very bad idea!

I came across this story on Channel News Asia (see here).

A passenger collecting luggage at a Moscow airport slipped as she reached for her dog carrier and was accidentally swept away on the baggage carousel, local media reported (Apr 15) Sunday.

The passenger, a woman in her late fifties, flew into Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport from Belgrade on Saturday.

“She was waiting to collect her luggage by the baggage carousel when she saw a pet carrier with her dog and reached for it,” a transport police spokesman told Moskva news agency.

“Apparently losing her balance, she fell onto the conveyor belt and was carried away to the luggage room.”

The woman was fined for damaging the airport’s freight transportation system – which carries a maximum fine of 1,500 rubles (US$24) – police said.

This doesn’t sound like a very customer friendly solution to something that’s already been a stupid accident.


If there is ever any issue with the baggage distribution system notify an airport worker or the airline representative to take care of it. Today I arrived from a long haul international flight and the situation at the baggage belt was insane with lots of pushing and shoving. I’m surprised that not more accidents are happening at the baggage belt.