Aeroplan 2020 Update & CEO Resigns


Aeroplan yesterday sent an email to members about the plans for 2020 and the CEO decided to step down on Thursday night (or was pushed out by the board?).

Aeroplan 2020 Update & CEO Leaves

Air Canada decided to take back the frequent flier program in-house and the partnership with Aeroplan ends on 2020 (this was all announced back in May 2017 – read more here). After that date, Aeroplan no longer has access to Star Alliance awards.

You can access Aeroplan’s page for the update here.

Aeroplan 2020 Update & CEO Awards

Aeroplan basically goes out in the market and buys a paid fare and charges Aeroplan members x-number of miles for it. There are many rewards programs that does this already and you are usually better just using a cashback card (rather than one associated with Aeroplan) and buy whatever ticket you want by yourself.

Aeroplan 2020 Update & CEO Leaves Google Finance

The stock price of Aimia has crashed too.


Difficult to see any value left in Aeropan for those that wish to redeem for premium class airline tickets once the partnership with Air Canada ends in 2020.

You should use all your Aeroplan miles before unless you don’t mind using them for economy class tickets or for non-travel related items at ridiculous value.

It must be difficult time for Aimia/Aeroplan. Not sure how they can survive this divorce?