Copa Resumes Panama – Caracas Flights

Copa was earlier this month forced to suspend its Caracas flights after diplomatic spat between the Panamanian and Venezuelan governments escalated leaving the country without important air links to Latin America. LAN and Avianca had already ended their flights due to unable to repatriate cash from the country.


Now, Venezuelan president has made an announcement that the Copa flights would resume and diplomatic relationship between the two countries restored.

Here’s an excerpt from Bloomberg (access their piece here):

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced he was restoring flights to Panama, one of the most popular connections for getting in and out of his crisis-stricken nation.

Speaking from a business expo in Caracas, Maduro announced that the route will resume Friday as part of an agreement he reached with his Panamanian counterpart, Juan Carlos Varela. Both nations will restore ambassadors and form a commission to help defuse an escalating diplomatic feud that saw Venezuela suspend economic ties with Panama.

“We have agreed to have the best bilateral relations and to channel differences in the best way possible,” Maduro said. “My thanks to President Varela.”


It is quite interesting that a president makes an announcement about restoring flights to Panama. Shows how important Copa’s services are to getting to/from Caracas.

As I pointed out above, most of the other Latin American airlines have ended their services to the country and there are very few other foreign airlines still flying to Caracas.

Would love to visit Venezuela but probably not the best time right now. It is the only in South America in addition to Guyana and Suriname that I have not been to yet.