Reader Question: Do SPG Points Conversions To Marriott Count Towards Lifetime Accumulation?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question by email about Marriott lifetime points and if transfers from SPG count towards the lifetime requirement.

SPG Lifetime Map

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Here’s the email from the reader:

If I buy points at SPG and transfer them to Marriott, will that transfer help my Marriott lifetime accumulation? I am trying for lifetime Platinum at Marriott. I am well over in nights, but short on points…I am 200,000 short of the 2-million required.

Secondly, has an analysis been done about Hilton’s 100% bonus on purchased points….are the points priced well, or are they overpriced?

Marriott lifetime requirement until the end of the year:

Marriott Rewards Silver Gold Platinum Lifetime Status 2015 Update 2013

The “new” requirements above are the current ones and the “old” ones are the previous ones.

You can access your lifetime requirement here:

Marriott Nights Total

Conversions from SPG do not count towards the lifetime tally but if you transfer from other Marriott Rewards members they do.

Your friend or partner can purchase SPG Starpoints, convert them to Marriott Rewards and then share them to your account. Note that this will decrease their lifetime points total, however. SPG has 35% off Starpoints sale going until end of May (read more here).

You can also purchase Marriott Rewards points and this will count towards the lifetime requirement. The maximum you can purchase every calendar year is 50,000.

About the Hilton Honors point purchase (read more about the latest purchase offer here). I always say that buying points merely because they are on sale doesn’t make sense.

Hilton Honors points are best used when the paid rates are throughout the roof, standard rooms are available for sale and thus you can still use points. Hilton also has some nice resorts in places such as Maldives and Bora Bora where using points makes sense.


There are many members (myself included) that try to make sure that they reach the Marriott Rewards lifetime Platinum requirement by the August deadline to get the Lifetime Platinum Premier membership (one time opportunity). I have enough points (unlike the reader) but need some more nights.

I wrote earlier this week about the ill advised decision that marriott had made to map lifetime SPG Platinum members regardless of the number of nights consumed to just Lifetime Platinums and not to Lifetime Platinum Premiers (read more here).