Amsterdam Shiphol Airport Temporarily Closed Due To Power Outage, Expect Delays & Cancellations On Sunday


Passengers going through Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport today should expect serious delays after a total power outage last night forced officials to close the airport temporarily.

The airport has since reopened after power has been restored but delays and cancellations will likely drag on throughout the day.

You can access latest updates from Amsterdam Shiphol Airport here.

Update 11.10 AM The rest of the day, we are dealing with the aftermath of the power outage. Out of precaution, some flights are cancelled. Other flights may be delayed. For the time being, everything is focused on getting as many travelers as possible on their place of destination.

Update 06:30AM Check-in systems in all departure halls are up and running again, which means that passenger flows can start moving. As a result of this, the airport is now open and accessible by road and train again.

Update 05:10AM Due to a power failure in the Amsterdam region, our airport was hit with a temporary power outage. The check-in processes have been out of use for some time. Departing flights may therefore be cancelled. Due to this failure, the access roads and train to Schiphol were blocked temporary.

If you depart from Shiphol today you should either check the flight status with the airline operating the flight or consult AMS departure updates here.

KLM also published the following notice on their website:

Due to a power outage, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was temporarily closed by the authorities in the morning. It has been reopened but flight schedules to, from or via Amsterdam (AMS) are temporarily disrupted and there are long queues at the airport departure hall. Furthermore, you may experience hindrance while travelling to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

We advise you to view the latest status of your flight and allow additional time to reach the airport. Do you have a booking for a flight today and want to travel on another date? Please check the flight disruption page to see the re-book options may be offered to you. For more information, you can contact us 24/7 through KLM on Facebook, KLM on Messenger or KLM on Twitter or call KLM Telephone reservations. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

KLM is very good to provide support through social media should you require any assistance.


This is going to be a messy day at AMS and it’s probably better to avoid any nonessential travel from there if a travel waiver is issued for the relevant flight.

Airlines do not have to pay EC261 compensation for delays or cancellations resulting from this situation but still have the ‘Duty of Care’ which includes hotels, meals and rebookings to other connections (including on other airlines).