Expedia+ Rewards Name Change To Expedia Rewards

Expedia’s various country sites have sent out me number of emails over the past 24 hours about the Expedia+ Rewards name change to Expedia Rewards.

Expedia+ Rewards Changing To Expedia Rewards

Expedia rewards customers that sign up for its loyalty program with points that can later be used towards hotel accommodations.

You can access Expedia here.

Here’s the email that Expedia sent out:

Expedia+ Rewards Changing To Expedia Rewards Email


Not sure what these “exciting updates” that they are hinting on will be? They promise that we should be able to have more ways to save on travel. Well. I guess that we’ll learn in due course.

I have use various Expedia’s country site’s (US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan and probably others) to book SITI (Sold Inside – Ticketed Inside) fares and I love how they have never cared where the credit card used to pay has been issued and you can use the same login across their all websites (it also stores all your info including frequent flier numbers). Often the airline’s site default to the country where your credit card has been issued and simply won’t show other fares.

Expedia has devalued their Rewards program already couple of times since its launch by lowering the value of the points when used towards hotels. But I take the free points for airline tickets that I would have booked anyway!