IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks Advice For Monday (April 30, 2018)


IHG Rewards Club made on Thursday and Friday sneak peek and preview of PointBreaks hotels available (read more here and here), although not the full list of 170  hotels that are valid for stays April 30 – July 31, 2018, and available for bookings on Monday around noon EST (per IHG).

IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks Sneak Peek April 30 2018

IHG changed back in January the number of points these PointsBreaks hotels require. In addition to the usual 5,000 points per night, there are hotels requiring 10,000 and 15,000 points too.

You can access IHG’s web page for PointBreaks hotels here (the list on IHG’s website is updated sometime on Monday after the PointBreaks hotels have become available for bookings).

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Note that usually the PointBreaks hotels have become available for bookings before noon EST time on the day they are released. IHG this time announced that the hotels would become available at noon (to be exact).

This is the third time when IHG has made a decision NOT to release the full list of PointBreaks hotels in advance that will make advance planning difficult.

We will monitor the situation and will have a post up and email going out to our blog email subscribers immediately after they have have gone live.


Here are some things that you should consider when booking PointBreaks hotels:

  1. You are only allowed to make two reservations using PointBreaks rate per each hotel according to the terms and conditions. Each of the reservations can be for as many days as you want or the award availability exists.
  2. The booking window for the new PointBreaks will open sometime on Monday morning ET.
  3. You should be firm on the dates, as you can no longer modify the reservation(s) once the hotel has dropped off from the PointBreaks list or the award inventory is gone. You can usually shorten your stay and get the points back for the nights you didn’t use, however.
  4. Once the PointBreaks allocation has been used, the hotel will become available for awards at their usual point requirement level.
  5. The hotel cannot see what kind of award you have used. They get the same reimbursement for PointBreaks as they get for regular award nights.
  6. PointBreaks book into the regular award inventory. If there are no awards available now, there won’t be PointBreaks either unless someone cancels their reservation.
  7. The more popular PointBreaks hotels tend to get their award inventory exhausted within couple of hours after going live. You should carefully plan in advance what you would like to book

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We will closely monitor the situation on Monday and will get the post up as soon as the PointBreaks hotels are available for bookings.

It is interesting to see the entire list of PointBreaks hotels that will be available for bookings on Monday. The previous one was (my personal opinion) one of the better ones for years.