Weird Message From Amoma After Making & Paying For Booking


When I was in Luang Praban earlier this month, I stayed at two Accor affiliated hotels whose prices on non-Accor websites were much lower (sometimes half).

Amoma Emails

Knowing how well Accor is run, I knew better than wasting my time with their Best Rate Guarantee program (basically just a marketing promise – someone else could call it a scam). So, I made bookings on Prestigia, Orbitz and Amoma (depending who was offering the lowest price).

I had used Amoma once before for a stay in Faroe Islands and it went without any issues (was significantly lower than any other site).

Confirmation for Angsana (Banyan Tree) Luang Prabang:

Amoma Booking Confirmation

Another email received an hour later:

Amoma Booking Confirmation Email

The booking was done using European credit card and it went through the usual verification process. What the want to “reconfirm”? They had also managed to mix up my sex.

Replied back:

Not sure what is the issue with the reservation as it was prepaid.

You can reach me from this hotel as I merely decided to extend reservation by a day and your rate was the lowest.

Btw I’m not a female.

Another email from them:

Amoma Booking Confirmation Email Second

Like nothing would have happened?


I can vaguely remember that a friend of mine had had an issue with Amoma made hotel reservation in the past (like Amoma had canceled on him). Not sure why would they try to contact me regarding a reservation that was prepaid?

Seems that they are mainly reselling Tourico/Hotelbeds inventory (checked with the hotel where the booking had actually come from).

I just don’t like OTAs that make it difficult. If I make and pay for a booking, I don’t want to hear from them regarding need to reconfirm anything. You already accepted my money and now deal with it.

And I would have not had issues booking these with Accor if they had respectable Best Rate Guarantee program which they don’t. I made a test couple of years back with more than 10 different bookings for various hotels and NONE were processed correctly including one hotel asking to book directly with the OTA.