Peanuts Gone From Singapore Airlines


Singapore Media was reporting today that Singapore Airlines had made a decision back in April to discontinue peanuts in all classes of service.


The airline continues to serve other nuts to business and first class passengers, and economy class snacks now contain only peas and crackers. Passengers, however, may continue served meals containing peanuts.

Here’s an excerpt from Channel New Asia (access their piece here):

Singapore Airlines (SIA) on Monday (Apr 30) said it has stopped serving peanuts as snacks to customers in all cabin classes

“Cashews, macadamia nuts and walnuts continue to be served in Suites and First Class, while almonds and cashews continue to be served in Business Class and Premium Economy Class,” SIA said.

The spokesperson added that snack packs for Economy class now contain peas and crackers instead of peanuts.

And Yahoo Singapore (access their piece here):

The move comes after several peanut allergy cases that have occurred during flights, including on SIA planes.

SIA said, however, that nut products would still be served in in-flight meals.

“We regret we are unable to provide a completely nut-free cabin or guarantee an allergy-free environment on board,” said an SIA spokesperson. “For example, other customers may still be served meals containing nut products or their derivatives, and it is possible that other customers may bring their own snacks or meals on board which may contain nuts or their derivatives.”


Food allergies are difficult but it is impossible for the airlines or other transport companies to ensure that they are completely nut free environment.

Some of the meals served in Asia contain nuts by default (one of the ingredients) and the airlines cannot control what passengers bring and consume on board.