ASMALLWORLD Membership With Up To 1,000,000 Miles


ASMALLWORLD dropped me an email yesterday about two new membership options they had launched that both comes with miles. Prestige one with 250,000 Lufthansa Miles&More or Etihad Guest and Signature one with 1,000,000 Etihad.

A Small World Main

Both of these packages come with other benefits such as GHA upgrades, SIXT and SPG (Gold/Platinum status), and other perks.

You can access ASMALLWORLD here.

Here are the membership levels:

A Small World

And prices:

A Small World Prices

Signature with 1,000,000 Etihad Guest miles:

A Small World Signature

22K euros for million Etihad Guest miles, Etihad Guest Gold status for two accounts, SPG Platinum status and for other benefits.

Prestige with 250,000 Lufthansa Miles&More or Etihad Guest miles:

A Small World Prestige

5,200 euros for quarter million Miles&More or Etihad Guest miles, Etihad Guest Gold status for one, SPG Gold and few others.


The Signature and Prestige packages basically allow you to buy miles at roughly 2 euro cents each. I would value Miles&More higher than Etihad Guest, although there are some value left with Etihad’s partners (unless they are valued overnight).

Using Etihad’s Guest miles for their own flights with sky high fuel surcharges is a lose lose proposition.

Not sure how valuable the community or the events are. I would assume that those are accessible even if you buy the cheapest package that doesn’t come with any of the extras.

Seems that ASMALLWORLD had some business disputes last year that were reported in the UK press (read more here) involving Diners Club and former employees in tune of millions.

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