Fabulous Fridays: Successful Travel Insurance Reimbursements For Emergencies On The Road


Our Fabulous Friday this week is about a topic that should be on every travelers mind but is often neglected: Having a proper travel insurance that covers emergencies and mishaps during the trip.

Travel insurance comes in all shapes and can either be acquired as a single trip policy, an annual plan covering all trips or it is included in a credit card product (mostly with premium cards).

I have personally filed insurance claims for medical treatment, flight delay, baggage delay and trip cancellation on multiple occasions in the past ten years through both sorts of policy, individually purchased and those included with my credit cards.

Policies like baggage insurance  might be a long shot to collect on though as the requirements of baggage custody are pretty strict.

Coincidentally we from the LoyaltyLobby team has two insurance cases in the last 4 weeks which brought the idea to feature this today.

During my trip to Germany last month I had to visit the dentist for an emergency treatment and thankfully I was covered with a BUPA Global insurance which is available at a very reasonable amount from World Nomads.

Basic medical treatment in Germany is quite cheap in international comparison lets say comared to Canada or the U.S. but it can still become expensive if something more serious happens. In this case the bill was 207,50 EUR and I will get 129,98 EUR reimbursed after a $100 deductible. Better than nothing!

I have several credit cards that include a medical travel insurance such as the American Express Platinum Charge Card, however that one is issued overseas and only applies on trips from the country where it was issued which is usually the case with these policies so read yours very carefully.

And talking about American Express, John recently suffered the loss of his cellphone which was purchased with his Amex card issued in Finland and he just got word that the travel insurance that comes with the card reimburses him 250 EUR for the item (maximum per item for that particular card product).


Personally I always travel with a bit more ease knowing in the worst case there is a fallback option. Especially the baggage delay insurance of American Express usually pays me more per year than the annual fee costs. Traveling abroad without any insurance is crazy and can end badly so I’d never ever recommend that.

The most important insurance however is medical insurance for the same reason why you would want to have coverage at home. Hospital visits can be expensive and especially in emergencies it can be useful to have the insurance company coordinate details with the local staff.

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