Looking for a Flight from London Heathrow to a Galaxy Far Far Away? Today is your lucky day!

Today someone at London Heatrow decided to throw a massive geek day and embrace the force in full potential, offering flights to Tatooine, Jakku, Alderaan and the Death Star (among other galactical destinations) in lieu of Star Wars day!

This morning, an additional departure board in London Heathrow listed some destinations in the Star Wars universe with plenty of winks to the franchise films. And if there ever was an internet competition over Star Wars day, they won it.

From early in the morning, the force was already strong in the airport’s social media team, who took over the interwebs announcing the new destinations:

Of course the internet loved it! And of course the airport encouraged travelers to share their VR encounters around the airport!


Can you imagine how many miles can you accrue on a non-stop to Tatooine? Are they Star Alliance? Mileage run anyone?

May the 4th be with you!

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