Some Marriott & IHG Brands Moving To Wall Mounted Pump Bottles For Shampoo & Shower Gel


Seems that the next amenity that gets “enhanced” away are those tiny bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel at select Marriott and IHG brands according to a WSJ piece this week.

Marriott Bottles

Marriott is replacing individual bottles at 1,500 hotels in North America by January next year (saving $2,000 a year by hotel) and IHG is rolling out pump bottles to four brands.

Marriott Pump Bottles

Pros of Pump bottles

– Less trash as housekeeping can just add more product when these are empty

– No product is wasted

– Saves money

– You can use as much or as little you need

Cons of Pump bottles

– Just feels cheap

– Often you need to pump like 30 times to get enough stuff (I counted once at Aloft)

– Not well maintained. The nose is often stuck and not produce going through

– Can be tampered by other guests

– Sold as environmentally friendly to guests when it is really cost saving measure by these hotels.

I can come up with similar list for these individual small bottles as well. Often they are really too small. Not enough shampoo for even for one person!

Marriott Bottles Bliss

Here’s an excerpt from WSJ (access their article here):

Savings will be small, Mr. Brown says, at about $2,000 a hotel a year. But Marriott says it did extensive testing and believes the wall-mounted bottles will work better. Mr. Brown says high-end spas, including Marriott’s own Ritz-Carlton spa showers, use bulk dispensers.

Some chains are bucking this trend. Choice Hotels, a group of 6,800 franchised hotels mostly under budget brands, says it has decided to stick with small bottles. Customer feedback is mixed, Choice says. Hotel guests often don’t believe the communal bottles are clean, full and well-maintained.


I am really torn between these individual bottles versus wall-mounted ones. If done right, I have no issues with the wall-mounted ones but they rarely work as intended. I don’t like having to pump 20 to 30 times to get enough stuff out from them to wash my hair. And they just feel cheap. There is just no way around this fact.

You have to keep in mind that the “branded” stuff that you find at hotels is rarely the same that is sold at stores. They usually have cheaper lines for hotels that is distributed by Sysco. Good but usually not great.

Marriott Bottles LM Parker Meridien

I still think that the most eclectic selection of bathroom amenities that I have ever seen at a hotel was at the Parker Le Meridien Palm Springs (already left SPG). Very interesting brand selection!

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