UPDATE: Marriott Rewards Lifetime Points Total Gone From The Website & App (Still Available)


Yesterday, I wrote about (access here) Marriott website and app issue where lifetime points totals were suddenly gone.

Marriott Rewards Lifetime Totals Still Shown

Many members are trying make sure that they have the required number of nights and/or points before the early August for lifetime Platinum or Platinum Premier status and you need to know your lifetime points total for this.

You can access your Marriott Rewards account here.

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Another reader sent me a link to Marriott Rewards page that still shows the proper account total with both lifetime nights and points (but who knows for how long). You can access this page here.

Marriott Rewards Lifetime Totals

You need to click the NIGHTS to bring up the overlay that shows the total like the one on the featured shot.


Not sure if this is a glitch or what is going on. I dropped an email to Marriott yesterday to see if this is an enhancement (in the future the number of points earned is irrelevant towards the lifetime status) but haven’t received a response back yet.

I have to make sure that I get 76 nights in by the end of July to ensure Lifetime Platinum Premier status.I have the required points but short on consumed nights.

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