Air France Strikes Off For Now After May 7 & 8, 2018

Air France employees have been striking for total for 15 days this year after today’s and tomorrow’s actions are counted in. The CEO of the airline decided to resign last week after the consultation with the employees didn’t result in the vote that he had looked for.

Air France

The airline had to cancel roughly 15% of its flights today and I would assume they are facing same cancellation rate tomorrow. The employees don’t have any additional strike dates announced for now. The French government that still owns 14.3% of Air France-KLM has been very clear that they would not provide any support and the airline needs to be competitive to survive.

Here’s an excerpt from the Guardian (access the piece here):

The future of strike-hit Air France hangs in the balance following the departure of its chief executive over a continuing strike over pay, the French economy minister warned on Sunday.

Strikes have already cost Air France €300m (£265m) with walk-outs by pilots, ground staff and other workers due to resume on Monday and Tuesday.

He warned that the state, which owns 14.3%, could not be relied upon to rescue the airline. “Air France will disappear if it does not make the necessary efforts to be competitive.

“We’re minority shareholders … those that think that whatever happens the state will come to Air France’s rescue and soak up Air France’s losses are mistaken.”


You have to bear in mind that not all the staff members have participated to these strikes or otherwise the airline would have forced to cancel higher percentage of flights.

I guess that the employees believe that the French government will come to the rescue if the airline will face financial troubles like what have been going on in Italy and Alitalia for the better part of the past 20 or so years. Government should sell their shares and allow the airline to collapse like what happened with Sabena and Swissair.

It is very unfortunate that KLM is part of this Air France-KLM mess.

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