Fabulous Fridays: Interesting Minibar Presentation


What would be better Fabulous Friday topic than interesting minibar presentation? The 11 Mirrors (Design Hotel) had interesting set up and content in Kiev.

Fabulous Fridays Interesting Minibar

Many hotels are moving away from minibars that is a mistake in my opinion. If the uptake is not high, they are simply not doing it right and with wrong contents!

You can access 11 Mirrors web page here.

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This is not even their entire minibar! They had the more typical fridge too filled with snacks and beverage items.

Fabulous Fridays Interesting Minibar Love Box

Obviously my eye first caught this “Love Box” and what the contents might be….

Fabulous Fridays Interesting Minibar Love Box Content

It wasn’t the typical “Intimacy Kit” that many hotels are selling in their minibars.


If you are do something, why not doing it right? Obviously this Design Hotel had thought through even their minibar presentation and concept. You could even buy charity t-shirt that wasn’t awful looking.

This was my last stop on the Kiev “hotel tour”. Managed to check out the new Aloft, InterContinental and Hilton before staying at this 11 Mirrors. The only one where I wouldn’t set my foot again is Hilton.

Can you guess which one of these minibar items I purchased?

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