Hilton Honors Updates Lifetime Diamond Welcome Pack For 2018


Hilton Honors has significantly updated the welcome package that Lifetime Diamond members receive once qualifying for the status.

Hilton Honors Lifetime Diamond Package 2018

A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me photos of the package that he had received. The gift choice appears to be gone too and now all get Bose Wireless headphones.

You can access Hilton’s page for status benefits here.

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Here are the photos photos of the package:

Here are the lifetime Diamond status requirements (read more here):

Lifetime Diamond qualifications:

  • Members who have maintained Diamond status for at least 10 years (years do not need to be consecutive)


  • Have stayed at least 1,000 nights – either paid or reward

*As you may know, only paid nights were eligible before.


  • Have accumulated 2 million Base Points since joining the Hilton HHonors program

*This is a new feature to enable more members to enjoy Lifetime Diamond status. Also as a reminder, only Base Points are eligible. Bonus Points earned via promotions, co-brand credit cards, or other means do not count towards status.

Here’s the gift choice from 2017 (read more here):

Hilton Honors Diamond Lifetime Gift


I like this updated package a lot and much better than the candle (read more here) that one reader received after spending 250 nights with Hilton in 2017!

The only thing that I would have liked to seen in the leaflet is a world map that would have showed all the destinations where Hilton has taken you. Just like what SPG has on their package (read more here). Perhaps Hilton didn’t want to borrow this excellent idea?