Hyatt Survey Madness: Points Take Forever To Post But Surveys Arrive 24 Hrs Post Checkout – Priorities?


World of Hyatt is one of the few programs that take much longer than usual to post points and tier credit for a stay yet they always seem to very quick to send your their annoying surveys to evaluate the stay.

The speed and sequence of these processes makes one wonder if Hyatt should finally start setting the priorities properly and put the customers interest first instead of their own.

I really can’t remember when was the last time that I had a World of Hyatt stay post to my account in a timely fashion (within 48 hours from the time of check-out) or in a manner that didn’t require a correction of the stay because the points amounts was incorrect.

This has somewhat ‘improved’ since Hyatt eliminated the 1000 points welcome bonus entirely that always got messed up as well but since there isn’t anything to post anymore I guess that eliminated the problem from the get go.

Something that really irks me however is if you had an already mediocre stay and then the hotel sends you a survey to evaluate their performance, yet they haven’t even made it to post the points and stay to your account yet. The World of Hyatt program is one of the slowest out there and even if it posts at some point usually a manual correction is needed.

And I’m not even talking about the disastrous link between Hyatt and MLife Hotels in Las Vegas, a friend of mine is waiting for points from a US$11,000 stay at the Aria more than a month ago and both Hyatt as well as MGM refuse to post the stay manually. I recommended him to to file a complaint with the Nevada Attorney General.

How can it be that automated surveys reach the customer faster than a loyalty credit yet the hotel chain comes up with excuses that they need time for data processing?

As one example how it SHOULD work: Starwood Preferred Guest is very good with this and the stay usually posts 12-24 hours post checkout these days.


It’s no secret that the Hyatt IT department is one the absolute worst in the entire industry yet they also don’t seem to make even the slightest efforts to improve their performance in any way.

We have covered these things ad nauseam over the years including the permanent ‘down times’ and website errors Hyatt has but also posting issues. Hyatt should start putting priorities in order and keep their spam emails to themselves until the customer at least got the points for the stay.

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