REMINDER: Your SPG Account Must Be Minimum Of 14 Days Old To Buy Starpoints

There are many Marriott Rewards members contemplating to purchase SPG Starpoints due to the fact that they would count towards the lifetime point requirement with a “twist” and because they are generally a lot cheaper than buying Marriott.

SPG Promo Update

SPG members can currently purchase Starpoints at 35% off until May 31, 2018 (read more here) and this is likely the very last sale because the programs are basically merged (but the existing names still remain) in early August.

You can access SPG’s page for buying Starpoints here.

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If you need the purchased Starpoints that count towards your lifetime Marriott Rewards points total, another member needs to make the purchase. Merely moving points from your SPG to Marriott Rewards account doesn’t move the lifetime points ticker at all.

If another Marriott Rewards member, however, moves points from his/her account to yours, it decreases their lifetime points total and increases yours.


Many Marriott and SPG members are on quest to make sure that they hit the required number of nights, points and elite years to get their desired lifetime elite tier status by the end of this year.

Lifetime Platinum Premier status is available for members only one time. In coming years, the Lifetime Platinum status is the highest that one can get.

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