IdeaWorks Airline Reward Seat Availability Survey For 2018


IdeaWorks today released their 9th annual Rewards Seat Availability Survey that I thought would be interest for LoyaltyLobby readers, although it only covers economy awards.

Rewards Availability Survey

The survey chooses top routes for each airline and then searches awards for two passengers at the time and for 250 to 2,500 miles and over 2,500 miles routes.

You can access this on IdeaWorks website here.

The survey doesn’t take into account number of transits the itinerary may require or flights times.

Here’s the overall rewards availability results:

Rewards Availability Survey Detail

Long-haul rewards availability:

Rewards Availability Survey Long-Haul

Here’s the press release:

Download (PDF, 298KB)

Here’s more details about the methodology used:

Download (PDF, 180KB)


Using airline miles for economy awards is not usually the best option, although I do it every once in a while especially for short-haul flights where there is hardly any difference on the service or when the paid price is throughout the roof.

But if one would do similar survey for business class awards, undoubtedly the results would be abysmal….

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